40 different authors...over 1500 years...inspired by God.
Passed down from generation to generation with amazing accuracy and verified with more historical copies than any other ancient manuscript.

We want to make the Bible total accessible to everyone and this is our way of doing just that. thenGodsaid.com is creating an ONLINE Bible Handbook which will allow you to read about the Bible, learn about the time a Book was written, find out about some the key people in the Book, look at the social and cultural settings at the time the Book was written and then read the Bible and several Christian Commentaries, all without leaving the site.

And that's just the Handbook. Here you can jump off to a Bible Timeline, look at Bible facts, discover the History of the Bible and a whole lot more. So sit down, grab a cup of coffee and let God show you more about His Word.

The table below shows the Book, Author and approximate date of origin.

Click on the Book to go to the "ONLINE Bible Handbook Chapter" for that Book. There you will be able to learn about the author, read some classic Christian Commentaries, view an outline of the Book, find out about the key people in the Book and much more.

Book Date Author
Genesis 1445-1405 B.C. Moses
Exodus 1445-1405 B.C. Moses
Leviticus 1445-1405 B.C. Moses
Numbers 1445-1405 B.C. Moses
Deuteronomy 1445-1405 B.C. Moses
Joshua 1405-1385 B.C. Joshua
Judges 1043 B.C. Samuel
Ruth 1030-1010 B.C. Samuel
1 Samuel 931-722 B.C. Anonymous
2 Samuel 931-722 B.C. Anonymous
1 Kings 561-538 B.C. Anonymous
2 Kings 561-538 B.C. Anonymous
1 Chronicles 450-430 B.C. Ezra
2 Chronicles 450-430 B.C. Ezra
Ezra 457-444 B.C. Ezra
Nehemiah 424-400 B.C. Ezra
Esther 450-331 B.C. Anonymous
Job unknown anonymous
Psalms 1410-450 B.C. Multiple
Proverbs 971-686 B.C. Solomon Primarily
Ecclesiastes 940-931 B.C. Solomon
Song of Solomon 971-965 B.C. Solomon
Isaiah 700-681 B.C. Isaiah
Jeremiah 586-570 B.C. Jeremiah
Lamentations 586 B.C. Jeremiah
Ezekiel 590-570 B.C. Ezekiel
Daniel 536-530 B.C. Daniel
Hosea 750-710 B.C. Hosea
Joel 835-796 B.C. Joel
Amos 750 B.C. Amos
Obadiah 850-840 B.C. Obadiah
Jonah 775 B.C. Jonah
Micah 735-710 B.C. Micah
Nahum 650 B.C. Nahum
Habukkuk 615-605 B.C. Habukkuk
Zephaniah 635-625 B.C. Zephaniah
Haggai 520 B.C. Haggai
Zecheriah 480-470 B.C. Zecheriah
Malachi 433-424 B.C. Malachi
Matthew A.D.50-60 Matthew
Mark A.D. 50-60 Mark
Luke A.D. 60-62 Luke
John A.D. 80-90 John
Acts A.D. 62 Luke
Romans A.D. 56 Paul
1 Corinthians A.D. 55 Paul
2 Corinthians A.D. 55-56 Paul
Galatians A.D. 49-50 Paul
Ephesians A.D. 60-61 Paul
Phillipians A.D. 60-62 Paul
Colossians A.D. 60-62 Paul
1 Thessalonians A.D. 51 Paul
2 Thessalonians A.D. 51-52 Paul
1 Timothy A.D. 62-64 Paul
2 Timothy A.D. 66-67 Paul
Titus A.D. 62-64 Paul
Philemon A.D. 60-62 Paul
Hebrews A.D. 67-69 Unknown
James A.D. 44-49 James
1 Peter A.D. 64-65 Peter
2 Peter A.D. 67-68 Peter
1 John A.D. 90-95 John
2 John A.D. 90-95 John
3 John A.D. 90-95 John
Jude A.D. 68-70 Jude
Revelation A.D. 94-96 John